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Fendt - 820 Vario TMS

Full information on the Fendt 820 Vario TMS tractor. With more than 200 hp the compact powerful Fendt 820 tractor with CVT Vario transmission was produced in demand for higher hp versions of the popular Fendt 818 tractor. The Fendt 820 is an excellent all round tractor, but has been particularly popular on potato and vegetable farming applications

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Fendt 820 Vario TMS Tractor - Model Information


Make: Fendt
Model: 820 Vario TMS

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Further Information on Fendt 820 Vario TMS

• HP: 205
• Engine Capacity: 6.1 litres
• Torque: 895 Nm
• Cylinders: 6
• Width: 2.57m
• Length: 4.75m
• Height: 3.05m
• Weight: 7185 kg
• Transmission: Vario
• Wheelbase: 2.72m

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Specification of the Fendt 820 Vario TMS tractor model :

In 2001 Fendt delivered the 10,000th tractor fitted with a Fendt Vario Transmission, since then the number has gone up by nearly this amount every year. Fendt are the undoubted maket leader in constantly variable transmissions. In 2001 Fendt launched the Fendt 818, part of the Fendt 800 range of tractors.

The Fendt 818 was a compact high horsepower tractor which ingeniously combined the performance and output of much larger high hp tractors with the manouverability, visibility and economy of a mid-sized tractor. This offered users an extremely versitle tractor that made it a success from it launch. The Fendt 818 was fitted with a 6 cylinder 16 valve engine of 5.7 litres capacity, producing a maximum power of 195hp. The power from this highly efficient intercooled turbo diesel engine was delivered to the ground through Fendts unique award winning invinitly variable stepless vario transmission. Giving a range of forward speed from 0.02kph to 50kph, allowing hte engine to operate at its optimum r.p.m. for economy and power irrespective of forward speed. The maximum lift capacity on the rear linkage was 90.8kN (about 9 tonnes), and the Fendt 818 tractor weighed only 6,800kg. With Fendt novel ballast weight system concept, ballast weight could quickly and easily be added to both the front linkage, and the rear wheels making the tractor suitable for both top work and heavier culitvations.

The standard specification of the Fendt 818 tractor included the Vario transmission (a first for a tractor of this size and hp), Variotronic operating system, with cruise control, TMS (Tractor Management System), automatically linking the engine and vario unit together so that the tractor continually monitors engine power requirement for a given forward speed, to mimimise engine r.p.m. (and thus fuel usage), all without any effort from the operator.

Additional standard specification on the Fendt vario 818 tractor included the brand new Fendt headland control management system - known as 'Teach-In' using the intuitive Fendt control terminal. The Fendt 818 tractor included front axle and cab suspension, 4 electronically controlled spool valves with flow control and timers, front and rear comfort control electronically controlled hydraulic 3 point linkages. Power beyond - hydraulic connections, free flow return (for return of auxillary oil from a hydraulic motor such as those found on drill fans). ISOBUS implement conections, radar activated wheels slip control systems, air and hydraulic trailer brakes, auto pickup hitch adn clevice drawbar. The standard wheels (welded rims front and rear), were 650/65R42 & 540/65R30.

Shortly after the relase of the Fendt 818 Vario tractor, the Fendt 815 and 817 were added to the model range, with maximum hp of 168 and 180 respectively. They had the same specification as the 818, but weighed in at 150kg less due to standard fittment of 580/70R42 and 480/70R20 as standard. 2007 saw the end of production of the Fendt 815, Fendt 817, and Fendt 818, and saw the introduction of the brand new Fendt 820, which was powered by the Tier 3 emission compliant 6 cylinder 16 valve 6.05 litre common rail engin delivering a maximum hp of 205, with a weight of 7,185kg. Building on the reputation of the Fendt 818 as a powerful, compact and versitile tractor the 820 took these qualities to even higher levels with the European D.L.G. test centre recording it as having the best fuel consumption figures in its class (see Profi magazine test 10/2007).

Many people are of the opinion that in years to come we will all look back on the Fendt 800 model range as a classic tractor design, with outstanding versitility, performance, economy and reliability. A tractor that was in a class of its own when launched back in the early 2001.

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