Fendt 1050 on field demonstration in the UK

The Fendt 1050 tractor has been on UK field demonstration for the first time this spring. These in-field photos show the tractor at work cultivating. The operator is able to utilise the on-the-move tyre pressure adjustment system VarioGrip to optimise the tyre pressure for the soil conditions and implement being used. The brand new transmission concept of the Fendt VarioDrive is an evolution of the well known Fendt Vario transmission, taking the concept to a new level with fully automatic independent allocation of drive to the front and rear axles, maximising the traction, and minimising both tyre wear and fuel usage.

For more information about the Fendt 1050 visit our product information page


Fendt 1050 tractor cultivating


Fendt 1050 closeup


Fendt 1050 VarioDrive

Fendt VarioGrip

Fendt VarioGrip on the Fendt 1050 tractor


Fendt 1050 on spring demonstration


Fendt 1050 with Fendt VarioGuide self steering

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Brand New Fendt 1050 at SIMA Show wins tractor of the year

The awesome new Fendt 1050 model was on public display for the first time at the SIMA Show in Paris in Feb 2015. With 500hp in a conventional 4WD wheel tractor this new model of Fendt tractor sets the new benchmark for high HP wheeled tractors. 

The Fendt 1050 featuring specially developed new tyres with a rear tyre size of 900/65R46 and the Fendt Variogrip technology for on the fly setting of tyre pressures, this massive 500hp will be put to good use on the ground.
Visit of Fendt tractor models page for further information on the range of Fendt tractors or contact or Fendt Product Specialist Paul Kettle on 07970 121092 or paul.kettle@chandlersfe.co.uk

Fendt 1050 tractor at SIMA Show

Fendt 1050 tractor

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New Fendt Katana Forage Harvester UK launch

Following the completion of the first two production model Fendt forage harvesters back in May 2011, after an extensive three year development program, and their successful European launch, with more than 100 Fendt Katana 65 foragers already supplied into France and Germany, the Fendt Katana 65 self propelled forage harvester has just made its official UK launch on a farm in Wiltshire.

20130526-084541 AM.jpg
The Fendt Katana 65 forage harvester with 653hp from a 16.0litre Mercedes V8 diesel, is aimed firmly at the large contractor sector of the forager market place (550hp-750hp), where the high tech Fendt Efficient Technology solutions will allow the contractors to save money through reduced fuel usage.

20130526-085001 AM.jpg
To achieve maximum efficiency the engine can operate in two modes, at 2,000rpm for maize or heavy crops of grass, or at 1,600rpm in lighter crops. Both engine speeds operating the feed roller, chopper and blower at the same speed. It is estimated that fuel savings of between 20-25% may be achievable using this Eco mode. The Fendt forage harvester uses AdBlue SCR technology that Fendt customers will be familiar with across the Fendt tractor ranges, and has an ample fuel tank at 1,100litres of diesel and 220litres of AdBlue.

20130526-085821 AM.jpg
The large Fendt Visio cab is an all new design to suit the forage harvester application, but as you would expect benefits from the same style of controls fitted in the top of the range Fendt tractors, with intuitive multi-control joystick and large 10.5 inch touch screen full colour control terminal.

20130526-090649 AM.jpg
At the business end of the Fendt Katana forage harvester, handling the crop flow are six 720mm wide hydraulically controlled feed rollers, that compress the crop and feed it into the chopper.

Step-less chop length adjustment is carried out in two ranges, 4-10mm and 10-21mm, with the option of removing half the knives in this mode, to give up to a 42mm chop length. A corn cracker is standard fitment on the Fendt Katana forager, and is engaged and disengaged at the touch of a button, hydraulically swivelling out of the way when you switch back to grass. The corn cracker is an all new Fendt design using interlocking 265mm diameter V-shaped rollers to process the crop.

Discharge into the trailers is handled by a chute giving a maximum loading height of 6m, with the possibility of swivelling through 210 degrees.

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Meet Chandlers Fendt Product Sales Specialist

Welcome to Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd. Used Fendt tractors sales Blog.

Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd. have a dedicated Fendt tractor sales product specialist to handle your enquiry for used, ex. hire, ex. demo and new Fendt tractors. The premium Fendt tractors are installed, inspected and supplied by Chandlers Used Fendt tractors product specialist Paul Kettle, who will be pleased to advise you of the most appropriate Fendt tractor model to suit your application.

Contact Paul Kettle to find out more about buying a Used Fendt tractor from Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd. Chandlers as main AGCO dealers have been supplying quality used Fendt tractors since 1997 when Fendt parent company AGCO purchased Fendt. Chandlers 5 star dealer standards workshop facility is used to prepare the second hand Fendt tractors to the same high standards you would expect for a brand new Fendt tractor. We look forward to being of service to you, whether locally in Lincolnshire and the surrounding area, nationally across the UK, or throughout Europe and the rest of the World.

Chandlers Fendt tractors sales product specialist Paul Kettle

Chandlers Fendt Sales Product Specialist Paul Kettle

To view Chandlers Used Fendt Tractors second hand Fendt tractor stock list click on the tab at the top left of this page labelled ‘Used Fendt Stock‘ or click on this link to visit the used Fendt tractors stocklist

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