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Fendt - 700 - Series - Vario TMS

Fendt Vario 700 Series of tractor were launched in 1998 to widespread approval. The brand new Fendt Vario transmission was a revelation in transmission design, which has yet to be bettered to this day. The addition of TMS (Tractor Managment System), with the introduction of electronic engine management completed the package, allowing fully independant control of the tractor transmission ratio and engine rpm, allowing the driver to select the desired forward speed, and let the tractor work at its optimum for performance and efficiency by controlling both elements to achive the desired forward speed.

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Fendt 700 - Series - Vario TMS Tractor - Model Information


Make: Fendt
Model: 700 - Series - Vario TMS

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Further Information on Fendt 700 - Series - Vario TMS

• HP: 115 - 180
• Engine Capacity: 5.7 litres
• Torque: 571-780 Nm
• Cylinders: 6
• Width: 2.52m - 2.57m
• Length: 4.67 - 4.75m
• Height: 2.96 - 2.99m
• Weight: 5,650kg - 6,895kg
• Transmission: Vario CVT
• Wheelbase: 2.7m

Fendt 700 - Series - Vario TMS tractor, download full brochure

Fendt 700 Vario Specification :
Introduced in 1998 the Fendt Vario 700 series was the replacement for the highly rated 500 range of Fendt tractors. Built to a completely new design the Fendt 700 range consisted of 4 models, Fendt 711, Fendt 712, Fendt 714 and Fendt 716. The latter two models being most commonly sold in the UK. The Fendt 700 series tractors had weights between 5,650 and 5,900kg.

The power from the highly efficient engine fitted to the Fendt 700 range of tractors, was delivered to the ground through Fendt's award winning infinately variable stepless vario transmission (or CVT). The Vario transmission allowed speeds of between 0.02 and 50kph as standard, allowing the engine to always run at its optimum rpm for both economy and power irrespective of the forward speed.
This design of transmission became the principle around which all the subsequent Fendt tractors have been built, adding new levels of performance, and fuel economy whilest continuing their reputation for length of life and reliability.

The standard specification of the Fendt 700 tractors included Vario transmission, giving 0.02 to 50kph, variotronic operating system with cruise control. Front axle and cab suspension, 3 electronically operated spool valves with flow control and timers. Front and rear hydraulic 3 point linkage, power beyond, free flow return, auto pickup hitch, air (pneumatic) and hydraulic trailer brakes.

The most common optional extras fitted to Fendt 700 series tractors included various wheel and tyres options (typically row crop wheels for root crop work), comfort front linkage, and a 4th spool valve.

In 2003 various changes were made to the Fendt 700 range when then engine became Tier 2 emmission compliant. The maximum hp of the 4 models increased to 126hp (Fendt 711), 137hp (Fendt 712), 152hp (Fendt 714) and 175hp (Fendt 716). TMS (Tractor Management System), was also introduced, which when engaged, automatically linked the engine and transmission together, so that at any selected forward speed could be achieved at optimum engine rpm for efficiency.

With the introduction of TMS, also came the 'pedal' mode of operation. This allowed the control of the tractor in much the same way as a hydrostatic loading shovel, where engine rpm and forward speed were all controlled by the single 'throttle pedal'. This made the Fendt 700 series an truely excellent loader tractor.

Other changes to the Fendt 700 tractors included heavier duty front axles on the 714 and 716, and a brand new headland control management system. The weights of these two models of Fendt 700 series consequently went up to 6,170kg and 6,555kg respectively.

In 2007 there were further changes to the Fendt 700 range of tractors, with the introduction of Tier 3 emission compliant engines. The 711 ceased production, and a more powerful model the Fendt 718 was introduced, so the range became Fendt 712, Fendt 714, Fendt 716, and Fendt 718, with maximum hp ratings of 130hp, 145hp, 165hp and 180hp. The weights of these tractors were now : 6,605kg for 712, 714, and 716, and 6,985kg for the range topping 718. The extra weight of the 718 came from the standard fitting of 42" rear wheels (rather than 38" on the smaller Fendt models), and many heavier duty components including the rear transaxle from its bigger brother the 818, giving it an increased carrying capacity, and increase in rear lift capacity of 750kg over the lower hp 700 series tractors.

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