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Fendt - 400 Vario - Series

Technical information on the Fendt 400 range of tractors. The Fendt 400 tractors have 50kph Vario transmission, front suspension, cab suspension, front linkage and 4 cylinder turbo diesel intercooled engines. The tractors were typically fitted with the TMS (Tractor Management System), that links engine rpm with transmission ratio to allow the tractor to maintain a constant forward speed while maximising output and fuel economy.

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Fendt 400 Vario - Series Tractor - Model Information


Make: Fendt
Model: 400 Vario - Series

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Further Information on Fendt 400 Vario - Series

• HP: 120-160 hp
• Engine Capacity: 4,04 litres
• Torque: 505 - 657 Nm
• Cylinders: 4
• Width: 2.34 - 2.49m
• Length: 4.25 - 4.28m
• Height: 2.9 - 2.95m
• Weight: 5.4 - 5.45 tonnes
• Transmission: Vario CVT
• Wheelbase: 2.42m

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Technical Specification on the Fendt 400 range of tractors :

At the Agritechnica Show in Hanover in the Autumn of 1999 Fendt showed for the first time three ranges of tractors with vario transmissions, the 400, 700 and 900 series. All three ranges of Fendt tractors followed the by now familiar format of powerful, economic engines and the Fendt award winning infinitely variable transmission.

The new 400 series of Fendt tractors were powered by a 4 cylinder, 16 valve engine, 3.8 litres capacity, and consisted of 3 models, the Fendt 409, Fendt 410 and Fendt 411, with powers of 85, 100 and 110hp. The vario transmission allows the engine to run at its optimum efficiency for both economy and power irrespective of forward speed which could be set any where in between 0.02kph and 40kph. The unladen weight of these tractors was 4,800kg, 4,950kg and 5,000kg respectively. The 412 which was 120hp, weighing 5,240kg was added to the range late in 2001.

The Fendt 400 range of tractors had a standard specification which included vario transmission, giving speeds between 0.02kph and 40kph, variotronic operating system with cruise control, front axle suspension, 3 manual spool valves, front and rear hydraulic 3 point linkages, auto pickup hitch, clevice drawbar and hydraulic trailer brakes.

In 2007 the Fendt 400 range of tractors was revised seeing many changes and updates to the specification, with the announcement of a new range of five new models in the Fendt 400 series - Fendt 411, Fendt 412, Fendt 413, Fendt 414 and Fendt 415. These models of Fendt tractor had following hp - 411 (115hp), 412 (125hp), 413 (135hp), 414 (145hp) and Fendt 415 (155hp). The new models of Fendt 400 series were powered by a brand new 16 valve turbo diesel 4 cylinder engine, with a capacity of 4.03 litres. The new models weighed between 5,400kg and 5,500kg.

The specification also changed, with TMS (Tractor Management System) becoming available as an option. The TMS links the electronic engine management system of the 4 cylinder engine to the electronic control system of the vario transmission, so that at any selected forward speed, the minimum throttle (and therefore fuel), would be used for a given output requirement. As part of the addition of TMS came the additional feature of 'pedal mode'. This alternative driving style - selectable at the click of a button allowed the Fendt tractor to be controlled like a hydrostatic loading shovel (or telescopic handler), where the foot 'throttle' pedal controls both the transmission ratio and engine revs. This makes the tractor particularly popular as a loader tractor as this driving style suits the application very well. The short wheel base of the Fendt 400 series also makes the tractors highly manouverable, with excellent forward visability due to the compact and low bonnet, another feature that has contributed to the Fendt 400 series success.

In addition to these upgrades the new range of Fendt 400 series also recieved a headland control management system, mechanical cab suspension, 3 electronically controlled spool valves with easily programmable flow controls and timers, power-beyond rear hydraulic coupling, free flow return and pneumatic (air) trailer brakes (in addition to the hydraulic trailer brakes). The resulting Fendt 400 series was in effect 4 cylinder and more compact and manouverable version of the well proven and liked Fendt 700 series. They soon became popular with both owners and operators with the 415 earning the nickname the 'pocket rocket' due to the unexpected output and capabilities of such a compact and handy size tractor

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Customer reviews for Fendt 400 Vario - Series

, 07 December 2015
5/5 stars
Run a 412 & a 415 great little tractors. 415 pulls like a train never been in anything with so much grunt great tractor.very versatile not just a loader tractor as some would say we do everything with ours from mowing ploughing with 5 furrow direct drilling spraying and so on.
, 18 December 2012
5/5 stars
I run several Fendt 415 tractors, i consider them to be the most universal tractor avaliable on the market, they have done everything from hauling 18 beet trailers to baling with 2190 heston balers.... Simply the best !

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